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Riki Suction Cup
Riki Suction Cup
Riki Suction Cup
Riki Suction Cup

Riki Suction Cup

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Riki Suction Cup


Compact and lightweight, the new Riki Suction Cup lets you mount your Riki Skinny onto any mirror or glass surface for the ultimate lighting, anywhere, anytime - including dimly lit hotel rooms.


- For use with the Riki Skinny
- Attaches to any glass or mirror surface
- Removes wtih ease
- Dimensions – 9 x 7.9 x 2.5cm


- Remove the protective film on the soft heart to expose the adhesive
- Affix the soft heart to the center of the back of your mirror
- Push suction cup firmly onto any glass surface like a mirror or window
- Tighten the lever by moving it upwards for the Suction Cup to create a strong suction onto the surface.
- Align the heart clip and the suction cup mount. Place heart onto mounting, and slide the heart down to snap it into place
- To remove the Riki Skinny from the Suction Cup, release the latch by pulling the mirror up
- To remove Suction Cup release the latch and pull the silicone tab at the top edge of the suction cup

AU/NZ plug

AU/NZ compliant plug (AS/NZS 3112)

1 Year Warranty

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