Meet RIKI Colorful.

Travel with your favourite makeup collection and your vanity mirror all in one place! With magnetic storage space and a depotting tool to create your own personalised palette without the bulk!

Meet RIKI Cutie.

She is the most compact pocket makeup mirror with LED lighting for on-the-go makeup applications anywhere, anytime!

She is travel-friendly, shatterproof, and wearable by using the patented retractable ring.

Meet RIKI Sunny.

RIKI Sunny performs as a countertop, handheld, and wearable mirror. Easy
assembly and travel-friendly, this packable pro travel mirror will always keep you in your best light.

Loved by Celebrities

RIKI has lit up some of the world's most lovable celebrities including JLo, Angelina Jolie, Shay Mitchell and even chosen in Oprah's Favourite Things 2019.

Best Lit Vanity Mirror

The unique lighting technology used in the RIKI lighted mirrors make them the best lighted vanity mirrors on the market.

Makeup Junkie Dreams

Loved by MUA's and everyday beauty lovers! They are travel friendly and perfect to keep your makeup on point wherever you go.